Proper Pruning

 The maintenance of trees located in cities, suburbs, and even developed rural areas is classified as Urban Forestry. While forest trees need little to no attention from outside sources, trees in urban settings require special care to remain healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Every pruning cut has potential to change the growth of the tree; therefore pruning should not take place without reason. The following are good reasons for pruning a tree:

-To improve tree structure & health.
-To mitigate potential hazards.
-To clear man-made structures, street lights, thoroughfares, etc.
-To allow light penetration.

 Tree Removal

Due to the many benefits that trees provide and the understanding that mature trees can be maintained as an asset rather than a hazard, we advocate for removals only as a last resort. However, when a tree becomes a hazard to people or property, removal is the best course of action and at times a very dangerous procedure.

The rate of fatal injuries in the forestry sector in 2012 was 127 per 100,000 employees. This number does not account for non-fatal injuries or for injuries to amateurs. Safely removing a tree requires years of experience, knowledge of proper rigging techniques, an understanding of tree physiology, and proper equipment. Urban Landscape & Tree Specialist has all of these coupled with liability insurance for your property and our employees.

We urge you to not risk damage to your property, personal injury, or worse. Request a free estimate today.



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